Социологийн 17 дахь Дэлхийн Конгресс энэ зун болно

2010 оны 07 сарын 11-17-ны хооронд Шведын Готенберг хотод болно.

Sociology on the move

Determinism is dead in the social sciences. Despite a strong interest in social structures, social mechanisms, forms of reproduction, we are all aware that human beings are not completely dominated by them. The world changes, and this change to a large extent depends on human action and imagination.

If sociology is to be useful, it has to contribute to an understanding of change – and it has to change itself. It is on the move and has to be on the move because the world, the societies, collective and individual actors are on the move.

“Sociology on the move” means that our discipline contributes to an understanding of our world by defining new objects of research, devising new approaches and reevaluating its rich heritage. It implies a new openness with regard to other disciplines and to normative questions. The International Sociological Association offers an enormous variety of perspectives – in terms of cultures, gender and generation. They all contribute to the vitality of our discipline.

Michel Wieviorka, ISA President
Hans Joas, ISA Vice-President, Programme
Ulla Björnberg, Chair, Local Organizing Committee


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